New paper in Geology, on clues on deformation mechanisms in the Groningen gas reservoir sandstone

Dr. Bart Verberne and co-workers at Utrecht University sought evidence for gas production-caused, permanent compaction in drill core from the Groningen gas reservoir sandstone. This research involved a multi-disciplinary approach involving lab work in the ESL and elaborate microstructural analyses in the MINT facility. Read all about their findings in their paper, or in the UU press release

Figure from Verberne et al., 2020, showing the microstructure of the Groningen gas reservoir sandstone.

Full paper citation: Berend A. Verberne, Suzanne J.T. Hangx, Ronald P.J. Pijnenburg, Maartje F. Hamers, Martyn R. Drury, Christopher J. Spiers; Drill core from seismically active sandstone gas reservoir yields clues to internal deformation mechanisms. Geology doi: