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EPOS-NL Annual meeting

The EPOS-NL annual meeting was held on 16 September 2021

EPOS-NL: What’s in it for you?

Many researchers and open data enthusiasts from all over the world attended this free of charge, virtual meeting. Lots of information was provided on unique Dutch research facilities and data for solid Earth sciences, and on how you can access both facilities and data – free of charge!


On 16 September 2021, the first EPOS-NL annual meeting was held. With the theme “EPOS-NL: what’s in it for you?”, this day focused on the services EPOS-NL provides for research, notably:

  • Free-of-charge access to Dutch research facilities
  • Central data access

We look back on an inspiring day. We thank the lab representatives and EPOS-NL partners who presented at this meeting, Helen Glaves for giving an inspiring keynote talk on “Open science, why does it matter?” and well over 100 participants who joined the meeting.

Did you miss (part of) the meeting, or would you like to review some of the presentations you’ve seen? Download the presentation below.

Introduction to EPOS-NL

Drury – Introduction to EPOS-NL infrastructure

Pijnenburg – EPOS-NL: what’s in it for you?

Facilities and facility access

Plümper – Multi-scale Imaging and Tomography (MINT) facilities

Barnhoorn – Delft Petrophysical lab

Niemeijer – ESL High Pressure and Temperature lab

Vardon – DAP geothermal well at TU Delft campus

Data access

Glaves – Open science why does it matter

Wessels – how-to-publish research data in Netherlands and beyond

Tikoff – Strabospot: from strat section to thin section

Sleeman – Seismological data at EPOS and ORFEUS (KNMI)