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Data Sharing & Access

EPOS-NL facilitates global discovery of and open access to solid Earth science data from the Netherlands, with a focus on seismological and laboratory (experimental rock physics, crust/mantle analogue modelling, rock microstructures) data.

Laboratory data

Data from from the EPOS-NL laboratories includes rock physics data, 2D and 3D imaging data, micro-beam analysis and analogue modelling  studies. These data can currently be openly accessed at the Dutch research data repositories YoDa and 4TU.ResearchData. In the near future, EPOS-NL laboratory data will be incorporated into the EPOS Multi-scale labs data catalogue, where it will join data from other world-class experimental labs working in the fields of rock and melt physical properties, analogue modelling of geological processes, paleomagnetism, and geochemistry.

Seismological data

The European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) constitutes the most comprehensive data archive for access to seismological data in Europe, and includes data from the ORFEUS data center.    

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