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Open call for Facility Access to the EPOS-NL research facilities

Call open from 15 February to 26 March 2021, for proposals to get remote access (send-in sample analysis) to the Multi-scale Imaging and Tomography (MINT) facilities at Utrecht University and Delft University of Technology and the ESL High Pressure and Temperature (HPT) Lab at Utrecht University. Remote access implies that researchers can send samples to these facilities, where experienced staff will perform analyses based on remotely provided instructions. Successful applicants receive the following services free of charge: lab/equipment use, technical support and scientific support for analyzing data for the duration of the access period. In addition, sample shipment costs up to 100 Euro will be covered.

EPOS-NL provides facility access to researchers from other institutes (national and international) than the university hosting the facility. Financial support for facility access is provided through the research infrastructure EPOS-NL, which is financed by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

Proposals for facility access can be submitted at any time between 15 February and 26 March 2021. Projects accepted under this call can start as early as 1 May 2021 and must be completed by a) 31 July 2021 in the case of the ESL – HPT lab, or b) 30 November 2021 in the case of MINT. 

Before submitting a proposal, we strongly encourage applicants to contact the facility to discuss the technical feasibility of their plans and equipment availability. We would appreciate if in email enquiries you include the following standard text in the subject field: “EPOS-NL facility access inquiry” and include in cc for all correspondence regarding facility access. The e-mail addresses of the contact person per facility, the equipment available and the maximum number of days the equipment is available for are given in the table below.

Details on the technical capabilities of the available equipment can be found following the link to the facility webpage indicated in the table below. For general information on the TNA call please contact us by email:

Proposal guidelines

A proposal should include a short summary (max 150 words) and the project description (max 2 pages), including:

1) Scientific background and rationale (what and why)

2) Research methodology and approach (how)

3) Innovative aspects (what is new)

4) Expected outcome (impact)

Proposals are assessed by an external review committee on the basis of excellence. Each of the above four points weighs 25% to the final score.

Apparatus (for description see facility link)
Available from – to
Max number of days accessible
MINT – TU Delft
Delft University of Technology
Susanne Laumann
Micro CT scanner
1 May – 30 Nov
Macro CT scanner
1 May – 30 Nov
Utrecht University
Oliver Plümper
Helios FIB-SEM
1 May – 30 Nov
Gemini SEM
1 May – 30 Nov
1 May – 30 Nov
Talos TEM
1 May – 30 Nov
Versa X-ray tomography
1 May – 30 Nov
ESL- High Pressure and Temperature (HPT) Lab
Utrecht University
André Niemeijer
Hydrothermal rotary shear apparatus
1 May – 31 July